Josie Allen

Just A Pound - Crohn's Vaccine

Smartie tube and pound coins

Mother and daughter Josie and Zoe Allen, are trying to help raise funds for a Crohn’s vaccine that is being developed by Professor John Hermon-Taylor at King’s College London. Little Zoe, who is now 13, has had Crohns’s since she was a year old. There are many thousands of sufferers of this very painful and debilitating disease and more are being diagnosed daily. The vaccine will cure those who have the disease and prevent those who don‘t, from getting it. Josie and Zoe are launching ‘Just a pound’, what they are asking people to do is to fill a Smartie tube with one pound coins, asking friends and family to donate and get friends of friends to fill a tube too. Please call Josie Allen on 01379 672965 for further details.

From Professor John Hermon-Taylor, Division of Nutritional Science, Franklin-Wilkins Building, King’s College London, Stamford Street, London SE1 9NH. UK Tel: +44 020 7848 4552 AN

URGENT REQUEST Crohn’s disease (CD) is a severe inflammation of the intestine causing misery to almost 180,000 sufferers in the UK alone, and millions in the rest of the world. In some cases there is a genetic susceptibility, but there is now good scientific evidence that the disease is caused by a pathogen called Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). Over a period of 7 years and at a cost of about UK £1.5 million, a research team led by Professor John Hermon-Taylor, has developed a state-of-the-art modern therapeutic anti-MAP vaccine to treat Crohn’s disease by stimulating the body’s own immune system to eradicate the MAP infection.

The anti-MAP vaccine will move to clinical trials and market development over the next three years. Over this period there is an absolute scientific requirement for research to develop improved diagnostic tests for MAP in humans. These new tests will be able to establish a clear relationship between attenuation or eradication of the MAP infection and alleviation or cure of the disease. This will establish proof of concept namely that the vaccine against MAP will make people with Crohn’s disease better. This essential piece of scientific research will require £600,000

CAN YOU HELP? If you can, please send your cheque payable to “King’s College London” with the vaccine code JQA 1036 written on the back to Josie Allen, Beyond The Image, Unit 13, Red House Yard, Thornham Magna, Eye, Suffolk. IP23 8HH. The cheque can be UK£ or any major currency.

A big thank you to all who have helped to raise funds so far:

Artworks – £259
MG Mecca – £258
Jane France – Slimming World £30
nineprint – £30
Beyond The Image Gallery donations – £20
Rafy (Zoe’s very special little friend) who raised £32 – thank you!

A huge thank you to some very special people for donating monies they would have normally spent on christmas presents, Sarah Ruczaj and her family – £250 and friends Julia and Alan Ward £100
and Lyn Berwick and family donating £100

My ummmmm 21st (ok, ok) birthday party bash, a fantastic £360 was donated by all the Pirates & Wenches! Thank you all!