Josie Allen


Site Navigation Aides

The quick access links “Anchor to page content” , “Anchor to site navigation” and “Anchor to site utility navigation” allow users of keyboard navigation to travel directly to key content areas of the site within the page.

Access Keys

We do not use use accesskey for shortcuts as these have the potential to conflict with shortcuts used by browsers and therefore offer no benefit.

How to change your text size

Most modern browsers allow you to change the size of the text by holding down the Ctrl button then by moving your mouse wheel up or down.

In Internet Explorer go to the View menu, select Text Size and then choose your required size from the options.

In Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape hold the Ctrl button and then press + to increase or - to decrease the text size.

In Opera you can just press the + or - keys located on the keypad to increase or decrease the text size.
Alternatively go to View menu, select Zoom and choose your required size from the options.