Josie Allen


What could be better than a book made just for you!

It could be a keepsake for a loved one, a record of some pictures you already have or as shown below – Mel (my very first book!). Mel had wanted some very personal pictures showing her wonderful tattoos, but was nervous of approaching anyone, and certainly would not have wanted a male photographer. We became good friends after I photographed her partner Leigh for my tattoo project. We arranged to meet at a friends house as she had the perfect bedroom for our shoot. Although Mel was still very nervous about things, we got started. It wasn’t long before she was really relaxed and I think you can see from the example pics, she loved the experience and the end result.

Personal photo-shoot + prepare images + produce 30 page book (as shown) £499. Other variations on request.

Books can also contain images supplied by customer.

*Please note travelling expenses not included in price.